Backyard Bears Day School​​


Infants and Toddlers

Backyard Bears lovingly attends to your infant’s needs and caters to their individual schedule.  Your little one will grow and flourish physically and emotionally while our teachers support new and growing interest and concepts.  Teachers will offer activities to support your infant’s development while offering plenty of time learning through exploration and discovery.  Infant circle time provides fun and stimulating activities such as stories and songs.  Our infant teachers take pride in watching your little one grow each and every day!
As your infant transitions into a toddler they will move up to the older infant/toddler room.   Feeding and nap routines become established and your toddler starts to adapt to a regular schedule.  This room offers daily opportunities to explore and learn in a safe and stimulating environment.  Our teachers will begin to offer a variety of learning opportunities including circle time, self-directed, and teacher-directed activities each day. 

2-Year Old Class

Backyard Bears 2-year-old program supports your growing and changing child.  Children start to develop their own personality and interest at this age.  Our teachers support that growth by offering activities that are geared toward developing new skills and social development.   Children will also begin to learn self-help skills such as toileting and hygiene.  Teacher-directed activities such as circle time and structured learning activities are part of our daily program.  Our teachers promote self-directed activities such as learning centers or creative art each day.  .  
  • Social and Emotional Development  
  • Fun and Educational Curriculum
  • Learning Centers
  • Creative Art
  • Learning through Exploration and Discovery

Preschool   3-4 Years old

Our 3 and 4 year olds enjoy unique and enriching learning experiences every day.  We use HighScope curriculum to help children advance socially, emotionally, and physically.   

​​ The HighScope approach to learning supports children at their current developmental level while helping them build upon their abilities. The active learning that is promoted means that students directly engage with objects and ideas through hands-on experiences.

The HighScope curriculum is wonderful for all students regardless of the child’s abilities.  Teachers work alongside their students to support them through questioning, guidance and supplying learning materials needed.

The learning process is initiated by the children as they make their own choices about what they want to work with and follow through on their plans and decisions (including cleanup).